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No Small Thing is a not-for-profit community organisation, set up to capture stories from across the construction industry and other resource-centric communities. Illustrator Beatriz Leonardo was commissioned to design a series of comic-strip style assets that could be used to help tell the stories about specific material challenges and introduce companies and individuals who were championing better practice and new ways of thinking.

In the midst of increasing material scarcity and climate stresses, this community of resource entrepreneurs are demonstrating how, through a whole spectrum of approaches, they are taking practical actions that keep resources in circulation for longer, putting less demand on the Earth for virgin resources.

Many of us are visual learners. It can be easier to process and remember information, as well as improving critical thinking and skills development, when ideas are communicated visually (and via audio) vs text alone. NST takes inspiration from graphic novels, illustrated maps and mini guides/zines and looks to work with illustrators with diverse backgrounds and styles.

Our aim is to help inspire the younger generation, career changers and volunteers to seek out, set-up and participate in ventures that will enable the necessary shift away from mass consumption, unfair and unequal ‘rights to resources’ and the associated social, environmental and economic abuses that are entangled with global resource extraction and consumerism.

Our key goals

  • Establish a diverse and culturally relevant calendar of events, showcasing key resource entrepreneurs both locally and further afield.
  • Demonstrate material challenges and the people/processes disrupting outdated practices – with a particular focus on circular and regenerative jobs/skills for our younger generations, career changers and volunteers.
  • Capturing and sharing key elements of the projects and initiatives explored with wider audiences.

What is happening now?

With the launch of Sparks providing a distinct opportunity, founder Jenny Ford set about curating the Department of Reuse and Resources under the banner of No Small Thing; using the space to showcase the projects, initiatives and organisations working toward more circular and regenerative practices both locally and further afield.

No Small Thing is focused on showcasing and sharing; traditional material crafts, unique- context driven interventions, lo-fi and advanced technology, and open-source solutions to spread positive, practical actions that keep resources in circulation for longer, putting less demand on the Earth for virgin resources.

Upcoming events can be seen below.

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